Residential investment

The emirate of Dubai is recognized for its quality of life, modern infrastructures, dynamic economy and its geographic location halfway between Europe, Asia and Africa. The emirates of Dubai attracts number of expatriates wishing to find balance between professional and personal life.

So for expatriates often arises the choice between leasing and purchasing. While there are advantages and disadvantages for rental and purchase, for a medium-term vision or if you have the budget, purchasing residential properties are much more appropriate.
Indeed, residential investment offers several advantages. Firstly, it allows to capitalize and build wealth by protecting against inflation instead of spending rents. With average rental yields of around 5% net, excluding inflation is therefore a substantial gain. For expatriates with comfortable incomes, funding is possible which gives leverage to build wealth.
With the standard payment condition for rental to be paid one year in advance, put a down payment instead can be more valuable.

Purchase property in Dubai can also be the way to obtain a residency visa in the UAE for 6 to 24 months renewable.

Finally, you capitalize on a dynamic market, access to quality services and are able to decorate and furnish your property to your taste.Last but not least, property taxes are really low, there is no capital gain tax and the standard of the market allow to purchase freehold property in high end residences with full of amenities.

Become owner in Dubai
  • No taxes
  • Pro landlord market
  • Saving rents
  • Protection against inflation
  • Financing possible*
  • Obtaining a residence visa*
  • Quality standard
Obtain an investment visa
  • Visa 6-24 months renewable
  • Build & livable property
  • Minimum investment 1 million AED
  • Possibility to sponsor family