Highlights of the city of Opportunity, Dubai

Strong economy is the main secret of prosperity and high level of development of the UAE. Effective economic system has brought the Emirates to a totally new level that enables the country to outperform in terms of business activities majority of the European countries.

Today the United Arab Emirates is one of the richest and fastest growing countries in the world. UAE government managed to attain incredible results in the economy, that are spoken about by the whole world nowadays.

Dubai is the economic capital of the United Arab Emirates and also the best known and populous emirate of the UAE. Located in the Persian Gulf, the Emirate of Dubai has established itself in several decades as one of the world’s largest economic, trade and tourist destination.
The vision of the leaders, the economic the demographic evolution, quality of the projects developed and under development make Dubai one of the most attractive cities in the world and surely one of the most beautiful human adventures the 21st century.
From a desert and a hostile region, Dubai and the UAE have emerged in decades as a strategic bridge between Europe, Africa and Asia. An enclave of peace where we can do business, entertain, educate and invest freely.

Values: Innovation, Respect of Rights, Sustainability, Integration, Competitiveness, Excellence and Team Spirit

Tax and Law in Dubai

The UAE is a pioneer in applying happiness indexes in a practical way to make its people happyDubai offers a very advantageous tax laws to attract and create a strong economy in a sustainable way.

Tax Exemption: In Dubai, there is no tax on capital, nor on the income nor the capital gain on resale of property.

 Property Freehold ownership: Foreigners can buy apartment, villas in their name with a freehold ownership.

 Easy to do business: different types of companies

Offshore company to trade globally (freehold ownership, easy to setup, maintain and renew)

  • Free zone company to trade globally and in the United Arab Emirates and Dubai (reserved for certain types of activity, foreign ownership, resident status applicable)
  • Local company (LLC) for any type of business in the United Arab Emirates.  
  • Tax treaties with many countries to avoid double taxation.
  • No exchange control: Repatriation of capital, profit abroad.
  • Flexible labor laws: Hiring and flexible salary
  • No social load (employer and employee)

Demography Dubai

  • Dubai Population: 3.137 million residents (January 2020 figures)
  • 80% of the population is foreign
  • A cosmopolitan population made up of Asian, Arabs, Africans, Westerners
  • The most significant demographic change in the world
  • 30 newcomers every hour
  • A cosmopolitan population made up of Asian, Arabs, Africans, Westerners
  • 80% of the population is foreign
  • Total security, no crime
  • A skilled workforce, multicultural
  • Freedom of religion and worship

Economy in Dubai

  • A stable government open to the foreign investment
  • Tourism booming:4th most visited city in the world (15 million tourists). 
  • Regional headquarters of many international companies (Microsoft, Google …)
  • International schools (English, American, French High Schools …)
  • One of the largest global Airport, Emirates, the world fastest growing airline
  • Presence of world media (CNN, Al Jazeera …)
  • Significant monetary liquidity to support investment
  • Important efforts to encourage investment
  • UAE: a single country, a single market, a single currency, but independence in the management of Emirates.
  • The ambition to become one of the largest financial centers in the world (already largest shareholder of the London stock Exchange, NASDAQ and Swedish OMX)
  • Areas that promote investment and implementation and the creation of companies by the establishment Free zones providing infrastructures, the ability for foreigners to fully own company and benefit from a very favorable tax and an environment enabling synergies through targeted areas by activities. (Internet City; Media City; Jebel Ali Free zone,     Airport, Dubai Silicon Oasis, Jumeirah Lake Tower, Knowledge Village, Dubai Maritime City; Gold and Diamond Park ,Metals and Commodities Dubai area, city AID Dubai, Dubai Cars and Automotive)
  • Business Bay development – as vast as Business Center Manhattan
  • World class infrastructures

Dubai has all the criteria to set up and develop a business

Construction and development of Dubai

  • The tallest towers in the world (800m Burj Khalifa)
  • World largest shopping centres (Dubai Mall, Mall of Emirates)
  • First automated metro in the world
  • More than 25% of the cranes in the world are in Dubai
  • Pharaonic projects: Dubai Waterfront, seafront with an area two times higher in Hong Kong
  • Business Bay, business center as large as Manhattan
  • 115 km of coast and with the development of Palms the widest seaside in the world.

Entertainment in Dubai

  • The most luxurious hotel in the world, Burj Al Arab 7 stars
  • The largest hotel in the world Atlantis Dubai
  • World class Exhibitions and Events
  • Dubai Land, the largest amusement park in the world with among others: Tiger Wood
  • Universal Studio, Manchester United Dinosaur Park
  • An open and multicultural city with international cuisine
  • Ultra-modem shopping malls with ice skating, skiing, giant aquarium, cinemas, shops with all brands on the planet.
  • Old Dubai with souks and modern districts such as DIFC, Dubai Marina, Downtown Burj Khalifa

Many restaurants, bars and nightclubs

Hope this Quick Check serves your purpose in knowing Dubai in a nutshell!

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